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  • " Not only is Sean a great nutritionist, but he's an excellent strength coach. I've coached athletes with him on multiple occasions. The most impressive attributes I've seen in him is his integrity, work ethic, ability to work with athletes and desire to be the best coach possible...."

-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Deloading for Dummies
by Phil Stevens | 02/27/2011

An applied look at how one can deload in order to optimize training performance

Separate is NOT Equal - Creating A Positive Training Atmosphere
by Phil Stevens | 01/14/2011

Lose the chip on your shoulder and accept athletes of other training disciplines and/or skill levels.

Credibility and Contemporary Powerlifting
by Rob Fortney | 01/03/2011

Has modern powerlifting ruined the average lifters perception of strength?

Top 10 in 2010
by Sean Casey | 01/01/2011

2010 – The Year in Review at CasePerformance

Training Peaks and Valleys
by Phil Stevens | 12/23/2010

Upon getting to the top of one mountain, take a gaze and see what other mountains are within your reach. Just make sure to take a little break before tackling it.

Evolution of a Gym Goer: Lifer vs Poser
by Phil Stevens | 10/29/2010

Which rung on the Evolution Of A “Gym Goer” ladder are you on?

I'm a Lifer... Are You?
by Phil Stevens | 10/20/2010

4 Directions to a Smokin' Back
by Rob Fortney | 10/10/2010

Rob “Fortress” Fortney believes there are four fundamental directions a weight must be pulled or lifted in order to build a strong back. He calls it his Directional Back Training Principle and he’s about to share it with you.

Give Me Weakness and Injury or Give Me Death
by Phil Stevens | 09/30/2010

Training our Youth
by Phil Stevens | 09/15/2010


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