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  • " Not only is Sean a great nutritionist, but he's an excellent strength coach. I've coached athletes with him on multiple occasions. The most impressive attributes I've seen in him is his integrity, work ethic, ability to work with athletes and desire to be the best coach possible...."

-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Strength/Ball/Speed Training
Nitric Oxide Supp's Part II: Let's "Pump You Up"... or Not?
by Sean Casey | 07/29/2012

Nitric Oxide/Muscle Pump supplements have been hailed as everything from a “must have” supplement to a complete waste of money. So what’s the truth? In Part II of this series, we examine research regarding the effects of arginine and citrulline on bloodflow in exercising athletes.

Tribulus Part II - The Human Studies: Testosterone Booster or Marketing Hype?
by Sean Casey | 01/21/2012

The attributes associated with Tribulus terrestris are of mythical proportions. Are they true? Will they spike your testosterone similar to steroids? Better Sex? Outrageously huge Muscles? In Part II we dissect through the human studies supporting/refuting its mystical claims.

Squatology 202: Exploring the Box, Front & Bulgarian Squat Variations
by Jon Mike | 11/06/2011

Explore the many variations of the squat exercise!

Interview with the Expert: Teresa Putchio
by Sean Casey | 09/08/2011

In this installment of “Interview with the Expert” we have the privilege of talking with Teresa Putchio, record setting female bench press extraordinaire!

Squatology 101
by Jon Mike | 07/24/2011

An in-depth look at the basic squat motion.

Interview with the Expert: Andrew Rock
by Sean Casey | 07/17/2011

In this installment of “Interview with the Expert” we have the privilege of talking with Andrew Rock, the 2006 USA Outdoor 400m champion, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist, and 2 time collegiate Academic All-American.

Pre-Workout Static Stretching & Athletic Performance
by Sean Casey | 07/06/2011

The use of static stretching is one of the most controversial aspects of a warm-up. Should you be including or excluding it from your workout? Read here to find out.

Interview with the Expert: Luke Richesson
by Sean Casey | 06/10/2011

In this installment of “Interview with the Expert” we have the privilege of talking performance training with Luke Richesson. Topics discussed include differences between various coaching environments, early specialization

The Brain Game
by Rob Fortney | 04/28/2011

Are you mentally dialed in for your workouts?

Training Muscles before Movements
by Dr. Bradley Kruse | 03/16/2011

Functional movement exercises are all the rage these days. However, should we be paying more attention to isolation exercises?


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