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-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


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Nutritional Supplements
Are you Fueling Your Internal Fire with Protein?
by Sean Casey | 06/05/2013

Hard training athletes need higher protein intakes. However, does turning your body into a fire breathing protein consuming machine have it's drawbacks. This article checks out some recent discussions on the subject.

24 & 30 Day Challenge Diets ... What to Make of Them?
by Sean Casey | 02/28/2013

The Advocare® 24-Day Challenge™ and similar 30 day supplement challenges are all the rage today. Are they worth investing in as you pursue your health and performance goals? This article may give you some things to consider before pulling the trigger.

Interview with the Expert: Adel Moussa - Part II
by Sean Casey | 02/01/2013

In Part II of this interview, Adel shares with us his thoughts on periworkout nutrition and supplementation in general. Special attention is given to supplements such as dairy protein, creatine, caffeine, sodium bicarbonate (a.k.a. baking soda… yes, that same stuff that is found in your kitchen!), and taurine. In addition, Adel explains why he feels megadoses of fish oil and Vitamin D is way overrated.

Expensive Supplements - Why?
by Sean Casey | 01/12/2013

Purchasing supplements can get expensive in a hurry. However, buying the product with the highest prices does not always mean that you're obtaining the best one. Read this article to see why the SAME product can significantly vary from distributor to distributor.

NO Supp's Part IV: NO Supplements, Training Age & Supraphysiological NO Spikes
by Sean Casey | 10/22/2012

In Part IV of our NO Supplement Series we briefly examine if ones training age may influence their response to NO Supplements. In addition, we examine the question, "Are spiking NO levels beyond that which a healthy individual does on their own while exercising even desirable?"

NO Supp's Part III: The "Everything But The Kitchen Sink" NO Supplements
by Sean Casey | 10/14/2012

Most pre-workout NO Supplements have 50 million ingredients that have been "synergistically blended for enhanced muscle pump." Are these products legit? Are there any proven NO boosters? These questions and more are answered in Part III of our look at the NO Supplements.

Nitric Oxide Supp's Part II: Let's "Pump You Up"... or Not?
by Sean Casey | 07/29/2012

Nitric Oxide/Muscle Pump supplements have been hailed as everything from a “must have” supplement to a complete waste of money. So what’s the truth? In Part II of this series, we examine research regarding the effects of arginine and citrulline on bloodflow in exercising athletes.

Nitric Oxide Supp's Part I: Understanding the Key Players
by Sean Casey | 07/19/2012

Nitric Oxide/Muscle Pump supplements have been hailed as everything from a "must have" supplement to a complete waste of money. So what's the truth? In Part I of this series, we examine "key players" involved in nitric oxide production.

Are your supplements receiving the best manufacturing treatment?
by Brian Putchio | 04/18/2012

We often purchase nutraceuticals without thinking about the complexity of the manufacturing processes employed to create them. While many manufacturers follow strict rules to ensure FDA CGMP compliance, some violate sanitary, contamination, ingredient, and other rules with pose a risk to consumers.

Tribulus Part II - The Human Studies: Testosterone Booster or Marketing Hype?
by Sean Casey | 01/21/2012

The attributes associated with Tribulus terrestris are of mythical proportions. Are they true? Will they spike your testosterone similar to steroids? Better Sex? Outrageously huge Muscles? In Part II we dissect through the human studies supporting/refuting its mystical claims.


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