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  • " Not only is Sean a great nutritionist, but he's an excellent strength coach. I've coached athletes with him on multiple occasions. The most impressive attributes I've seen in him is his integrity, work ethic, ability to work with athletes and desire to be the best coach possible...."

-Luke Richesson. Head NFL Strength & Conditioning Coach for Denver Broncos


CP 5+1 Finalists

CP 5+1 Finalist

All finalists will receive nutrition consults. The winner will also receive a $50 amazon gift card!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our sponsored 5+1 CP Appreciation contest. The entries were fun to review as it gave me a better understanding as to what types and “why” certain articles were popular with community members. The key things I learned include

  • Adel Moussa is a popular dude … His name came up on multiple entries with regards to his three part interview he did with us.
  • Participants liked learning about the powerlifting exercises and commentary on the sport.

As stated in the contest, the CasePerformance team narrowed it down to five finalists; These are listed these in random order with no preference for one vs. the other on our side (Five finalist were put into a hat and drawn out for order of appearance). At the bottom of this page you will see a pole with each finalist. It’s up to you to decide which individual wins the $50 Amazon Gift Card. Individuals can vote up through Jan 6, 2014. A winner will be announced on January 7th. Be enough of me talking; Let's choose a winner!

Charles Damien's Top 5+1

Top 5 Articles

1. Interview with the Expert – Adel Moussa Part II

Here is one of my Top 5 articles on CasePerformance. I love SuppVersity and CasePerformance, Adel and Sean do very good work. In this article, they talk about supplements for strength athletes…. ones that are overrated or needless, others overlooked (for example : baking soda, Adel loves it ) and indispensable. A must read article for those looking to know the myths and the truths on this topic!

2. Don't Demonize but Analyze to Find the Perfect Diet for YOU!

Another good article here. Sean focuses on popular diets, using the Paleo diet as an example. The main message here is that every person is different, so one's diet should be ADAPTED to him/her. Eat healthy foods, and try what’s work best for you!

3. Research 101

This article is very interesting as it gives you the basics of research. Excellent for beginners who have difficulties understanding/interpreting scientific studies/research. It describes the different types of studies you can encounter – epidemiology vs experimental. Plus it talks about other criteria (Validity : extrinsec vs intrinsec, sample size…).

4. Pubmed For Dummies

Here is another must read. Since I’m French, I had difficulties (and I still have…) in using PubMed. This article really helped me in using Pubmed for research purposes. A step-by-step guide for dummies like me, may be useful for you too!

5. Top 5+1 CP Community Member Appreciation Contest

Although it’s not a real article, I chose this one and would like to thank Sean for his work and here for this contest with a very nice gift for the winner. Good luck to everyone, may the best win (of course it’s me ;-)

Editor's Note – Thanks Damien. I like to support those who support us at CasePerformance!

Plus 1 Newsletter

2013 March Newsletter Part I

This is my favorite newsletter; I particularly enjoyed Alex Leaf’s article Is sitting killing you? which emphasizes the importance, the NECESSITY of staying active for health. MOVEMENT IS LIFE!!

Mitchell McNett

Top 5 Articles

1. Phil Stevens Part II interview

I found his discussion on how it's common knowledge that many professional athletes using PEDs and the way those in the general public are surprised by it.

2. Scathing observations of a Gym Goer

This was the CP Community Member Corner Discussion In Part I of the 2013 July Newsletter and written by SW. I found this to be an absolutely HILARIOUS look at some major unwritten "gym" etiquette rules and peculiar personality types found in training facilities on a daily basis.

I found myself thinking "Do I do that?" or "I know a guy that does that" or "Yeah, nobody like the guy that does that." Ha Ha! This was probably the most entertaining CasePerformance news article I had ever read.

Editor's Note – Ok, Ok… I get the point, SW is a much more entertaining writer then me!

3. Don’t but analyze the perfect diet for you

“Popular diets are always coming and going. What doesn't change though is the fact that everyone will have their own unique response to a given diet. This article describes the approach I take with diets, using the Paleo diet as an example.”

I really enjoyed this article on diets. I was once told that the body you want is 80% what you eat and 20% how you train. I have always been interested in finding better ways to eat and incorporate the foods I like in a healthier way. I’ve tried several diets, and have gone through this process, and certainly a little difference in my carb intake can have a huge difference on the way I look. I’m a person that requires less carbs than someone my size normally does to see good results, so I could really relate to this article when I’ve looked at diets.

4. 24-Day Challenge Diets … What to make of them!

I really enjoyed this article for many of the same reasons as a previous one of mine. I always see these posting about miracle articles and miracle pills and what I took out of this article is that, not everything you read is absolutely true, and that’s according to diets. Many diets are sales pitches that don’t exactly meet every guarantee they promise. Also, many diets are more effective for some people than others. One person may see huge results in 30 days, but another it may take much longer for them to get the same results.

5. Expensive Supplements – Why?

I am a purchaser of supplements, and I do a lot of research to get the most bang for my buck, because of course I want the best results I can get, as cheap as I can get. This article really made it clear why certain big name companies products are significantly more expensive than others despite the fact that when you look at the nutrition label they are very similar. I always had trouble understanding why one was more expensive than the other, and this article cleared that up for me.

Plus 1 Newsletter

Newsletter- 2013 July Part I

July was the best newletter simply because it contained SW's piece on Scathing Gym observations. Big time kudos to the author on this one!

K Ashby Meisel

Top 5 Articles

1. Can You Trust The Better Business Bureau

I found the BBB article in regards to supplement companies fascinating. Definitely shows that the BBB rating doesn't mean much.

2. Prolotherapy Part I

After reading about prolotherapy in this article and following your interview on Iron Radio, I've suggested it to several lifter friends who suffer ongoing pain and injury without any known cause.

3. Using Your Levers to Reach Maximum Deadlifting Potential

Phil's discussion of applying leverage and your individual mechanics goes to show that the lifts vary from person to person and how best to utilize your own proportions.

4. Credibility and Contemporary Powerlifting

I'm a huge fan of Rob "Fortress" Fortney's writing and the "Credibility and Contemporary Powerlifting" is no exception. I too am frustrated by the lack of distinction between geared and raw powerlifting as the layman generally does not know the difference between multi-ply and unequipped which can skew their perceptions of the sport.

Editor's Note – Yeah, this is by far my favorite Fortress Fortney article. Definitely a classic!

5. Vitamin D Series

And last, but not least, the vitamin D series convinced me to up my D due to the multiple effects it has on the body. Although this aspect was not covered in by Sean, I found that it banished my winter blues!

Plus 1 Newsletter

2013 May Newsletter Part I

As for the newsletters, I enjoyed the Mother's Day themed one. Sarah Stevens makes a solid case for staying active while pregnant and as a mother. All the women I know who were active while pregnant, including my own mother, and then kept it up as their children were growing have healthy, energetic offspring.

Rikki Profant

Top 5 Articles

1. Kettlebell Complex Training Because prancercise just isn't cutting it for me anymore! But in all seriousness, this article was helpful in teaching proper form because if I followed suit of all the Petey Pablos at the gym with kettlebells who are "raisin' it up, twistin' it 'round their head like a helicopter," my shoulders and back would be seriously damaged (refer to Petey Pablo "North Carolina Raise Up music video if you are confused).

2. 24-Day Challenge Diets & Common Sense Approaches When Evaluating a Diet's Effectiveness

Great discussion on goal setting and breaking down cost of meal replacements. Any 24-30 day diet challenge that "requires" you purchase a special supplement might as well be selling you bologna. Soooo… after 30 days your body is in elite condition and you've reached your goal.. now what? Oh, you just have to buy this meal replacement forever because you weren't taught the correct way to eat healthy. Makes sense.

Editor's Note – Wait, what? … Giving someone supplements that cost mega $$$ but failing to teach the person how to actually make better food choices is NOT the best approach in this situation? Blasphemy!

3. Squatology 101 (and 202):

Because, in the words of Shakira—"My Hips Don't Lie." I don't ever want hip replacements or a sore back, especially before the age of 75, so thanks for discussing proper form and technique.

4. Competitors Like Us

… Because nothing comes close to that feeling you get right before the gun shot signals the start of a race (but this article, from his April 2013 newsletter pretty much sums it up!)

5. Scathing Observations of a Gym Goer from Part I of the July Newsletter. 'The extroverted janitor.' There is one employee in particular at my gym that will either delay the start of my workout by a half hour or mercilessly interrupt in the middle of sets to talk for 20 minutes or better despite my efforts to display piss-poor listening skills (no eye contact, body facing away, short answers.. no response..) My mother raised me to be an active and empathetic listener, and it is also detrimental to my career— but darn it, gym time is limited and I did not show up to listen. Also, 'Premature Evacuation Man'… I can't stand the strength artifacts you leave behind; since you are so strong, please walk your weights back the rack!

Plus 1 Newsletter

July Newsletter Part 1,

I chose this because it contains one of my favorite articles, Community Member Discussion: Scathing Observations of a Gym "Goer". I also enjoyed the interview with Christina Anderson.

Dino Tassigiannis

Top 5 Articles

1. Pubmed For Dummies

When I first got into really looking at the references of supplements, I felt lost trying to find my way around. If I had this back then, I wouldn't have been put off by the site as much. A great read for those wanting to look behind the scenes so to speak.

2. Goals of Post-Workout Nutrition

Years ago really looked into PWO nutrition and what could really help speed up the process. When it comes down to it though, all you need to cover are outlined in this article.

3. Barefoot Training Part I: Fitness Fad or Great Training Method?

I enjoyed this one especially due to my medical history. In the house I always walked barefoot even though my parents at the time kept buying me sleepers. I walked barefoot because I felt better doing so, less pain. Glad to see there's some evidence to this helping the hips and knees.

4. Holiday Weight Gain

This had to be included due to the time of year. Have a read and don't worry so much over a few festive meals.

Editor's Note – Yeah, unless you're one day out from stepping on stage at Mr. Olympia, I think the concern over festive meal or two is ridiculous …. assuming that you're not doing it on a nightly basis of course!

5. Interview with the Expert: Adel Moussa – Part I

Technically this should be 3 votes because I enjoyed all three parts. Adel Moussa has been a bookmark on my browser for a few years now. His insight and knowledge has really helped develop my education and it was nice to get to know him a little more through this series.

Plus 1 Newsletter

Favorite Newsletter

As for my favorite newsletter, it had to be the one featuring Adelfo Cerame Jr. From following him on facebook for a while now, he really is a machine and learning more about the man really opens up your eyes on what the human body and mind are capable of. No excuses.

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